If you feel that the service provider has gone over and beyond what was expected of them, then it can be appropriate to provide them with more of a tip for your needs. If you feel that the tip is not enough, then by all means, a larger tip can and should be left. However, which services rate a tip and how much is reasonable? It is also important to know when to tip. There are a number of different opportunities when you will have to give a tip. Some of these times are listed here and deserve attention.

Some vendors already include a tip in the final bill such as the caterer, the banquet managers, waiters, bartenders, and bridal consultants. Generally, an appropriate tip is about 15%, but should only be provided if the service has been very excellent since you are already tipping them in the bill.

Should you tip the limousine Driver? The answer is, yes, but check the original contract to see if the tip is already included there. If it is included then, no. If it is not included, then a 15% gratuity is appropriate.

Should you tip Photographers, florists and musicians? If the tip is not provided in the contract, then a tip in the amount of 15% to 20% is appreciated. Of course, if the service exceeds expectations then more is appropriate.

Ministers, Priests, and Rabbis. This is one tip never to be forgotten as it is not usually provided elsewhere. The groom should give this tip which should be given by the best man to the wedding official. Generally, this amount should not be less than $150. While it is considered a donation, it should always be provided. If under contract with the Wedding Planner then the amount could be less. If the Wedding Officiant has a set fee then the fee should be the minimum amount and a tip should be 15% of that amount.

Should you pay the Justice of the Peace? Since there may not be a set cost here, it is proper to give a gratuity of $50 to $100 for the civil servant who provides the ceremony. There is often a suggested donation posted in these offices for these services and it also appropriate to ask for the amount over the phone beforehand.

Tipping should not be something that is forgotten. If the groom can not remember to do the tipping, then the best man should step in. It is necessary to show appreciation and follow proper etiquette for tipping.