The Umonics Method: Are You Smarter Than A Preschooler?

The Umonics Method
The Umonics Method

Are you able to memorise and recall 40 mobile phone numbers? Or able to memorize 50 items in order? Most adults struggle with memorization. Not the preschoolers that are in The Umonics Method programs though.

The Umonics Method is a memory training programs for preschoolers. It was founded in Singapore by mnemonist, Sancy Suraj.

The Umonics Method apply theories about the memory to help children to maximize their potential for memorisation and recall. Once you understand the theory behind memory techniques, they can put its various aspects into practice and enhance their learning. Preschoolers are trained on memory techniques so that they can encode, store and retrieve information easily.

The Umonics Method also emphasizes on recall strategies. Have you ever sat for an exam and tried to recall an answer to a question you memorised a couple of hours ago? Remembering information is essential, but what is more important is being able to recall that information at will. As we progress throughout of educational lives, answers to questions during examination gets longer, but the duration for the example completion gets shorter. Hence, spending much time trying to recall information is a waste of precious time.

It is also important to start memory training at an early age. What is becoming frequently apparent is that the first few years of a child’s life are the most significant in terms of brain development. The most important period for the wiring of the brain is during these early years. The various windows of opportunity for learning are between birth and the age of 3 or 6. This suggests that a tremendous responsibility lies in the hands of parents and early years childhood educators.

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