Saturday, May 26, 2018
Diversity in tech: here are the practical steps companies can take
How hiring, mentoring, role models, development and retention all play a role in making tech more inclusive
Rail operators running insecure Wi-Fi with default admin credentials
Trains on British rail networks have been running with default admin credentials for the on-board Wi-Fi, making it hypothetically possible for hackers to touch vital critical systems.
What is artificial intelligence?
With the majority of sectors adopting AI, we examine all you need to know about the emerging technology
What is net neutrality?
The US Senate recently voted to save net neutrality, but the debate over internet regulations rages on. Here's our guide to net neutrality
Hiroshi Ishiguro Wants A Humanoid Future
Hiroshi Ishiguro and a selection of other leading robotics researchers explain the benefits and risks of robots with human forms
Can Silicon Valley tech companies replace today’s car giants?
Silicon Valley companies have deeper pockets, but car manufacturers retain the infrastructure to manufacture and distribute vehicles to the end users
How the government can keep more startups in the UK
Brexit is starting to bite into tech startups' access to talent
Google staff sought ethics classes after Pentagon drone partnership
Google's Artists and Machine Intelligence programme wants to design more ethical tech by drawing on a broader range of views